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Pegah Khorasan Dairy Co.
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Pegah Khorasan Dairy Co.
Company Field: Food Industries
Company Manager: Mohammad reza.Nikzat
R&D Manager: Farzad.Farbod
County: Iran
City: Mashhad
Address: No.1,23rd. St.,Afrigha Bd.,Tehran
Postal Code: PoBox: 15875-4483
Phone: (0098) - (021) - 88875011-8
Fax: (0098) - (021) - 88661123-4
Address: 15th. kilometer of Quchan road,Mashhad,IRAN
Postal Code: PoBox: 91735/395
Phone: (+98) - (0511) - 5421004
Fax: (+98) - (0511) - 5421005
Activity Fields: Producing of Dairy Products
Projects: Producing of Kefir Producing of UHT milk with different flavors Producing of UF cheese with different flavors Producing of concentrated yoghurt with different flavors
Capabilities: Complete Pasteurized and UHT production lines for milk,flavored milk,cream,butter,yoghurt,doogh,UF cheese,BAF cheese,Milk powder,Permeate powder,cheese powder
Enabilities: For all dairy products
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